Five Reasons To Shrink Wrap A Product

Product shrink wrapping adds a step to the packing process. However, some products benefit significantly from shrink wrapping. Your company should consider it for these five reasons.

Shipping Protection

The shipping process takes products to all kinds of places. Especially if the product takes a long trip from the factory to the store, it can be hard to protect it against dust and mildew. Shrink wrap serves as a barrier against the ingress of unwanted debris and moisture. It also acts as a sacrificial layer to protect against minor scratches and dents.

Notably, you will be more motivated to avoid contamination with certain products. If you're shipping pharmaceuticals, the last thing you want is dust and moisture to get into the packaging. The same applies to many types of foods and drinks. Shrink wrapping also frequently extends a product's shelf life.

Lowering Packaging Costs

Many companies use shrink wrap as the main form of a product's packaging. This reduces costs compared to using boxes or vacuum-formed plastics. You can still include your branding with stickers, labels, or cards on the inside or outside of the package. Given that shrink wrap tends to be more cost-effective than the alternatives, your company may save lots of money at scale.

Irregular Configurations

Lots of packaged items don't align nicely. If the package includes several items of varying sizes and shapes, you may struggle to stack and package them neatly. Product shrink wrapping makes irregular configurations easier to ship and place on shelves. This is particularly useful if you're bundling two or more items.


Some products must achieve regulatory compliance. Packaging rules are strict for medical devices and drugs, for example. You want the product to arrive in the cleanest possible condition. To meet these requirements, you may need to employ a specific standard of shrink wrapping.

Bear in that the regulations can go beyond government requirements. Many industry groups also impose rules. Customers often expect packages to meet these standards even when the law does not.

Theft Deterrence

If people in warehouses and stores know that a product has shrink wrap, it deters theft. The absence of shrink wrap is often the first visual cue to associates that an object is stolen. Thieves frequently have to remove the wrapping to take out anti-theft devices like RFID tags that trigger sensors on the way out the door. Shrink wrapping also adds work to the jobs of stealing. That has additional deterrent value.

For more information on product shrink wrapping, contact a professional near you.